Finding the “Stuff” that Matters

January 12, 2009

in Entrepreneurship,Tools

Tech publisher Tim O’Reilly has been talking a lot about work that matters in the past year. Yesterday, he proposed some starting principles for determining what that work might be:

  1. Work on something that matters to you more than money.
  2. Create more value than you capture.
  3. Take the long view.

Tim fills in all the details in his article.

Two excerpts:

“We need to build an economy in which the important things are paid for in self-sustaining ways rather than as charities to be funded out of the goodness of our hearts.”

And paraphrasing Rilke:

“What we fight with is so small, and when we win, it makes us small. What we want is to be defeated, decisively, by successively greater things.”

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